HOLE 1 – ‘Penrhos’ 154 yards Par 3 S.I. 5

You stand on this first tee looking down towards the Green, inviting you to plonk your first shot next to the flag. Beware the bunker on the right and the sloping fairway. An interesting start to your round!

HOLE 2 – ‘Clwch’ 310 yards Par 4 S.I. 2

A nice walk takes you to the second tee (passing the fifth tee, so have a look and see what lies ahead!) The first of two Par 4’s, you aim for the black and white marker post, because this is a dog leg right and a blind green. Plenty of room, so open those shoulders! Your second shot should see you looking down at this inviting Green, with no obvious traps.

HOLE 3 – ‘Dingle’ 312 yards Par 4 S.I. 1

A shrub lined walk takes you to the third tee, being the second of two Par 4’s on the course. Another black and white marker post to aim for, trees and danger on the left though! As you walk up to the marker post, the Green comes into view, and Oh! Yes! there’s a ditch in between! Get over that and you’re nearly there.

HOLE 4 – ‘Clai’ 170 yards Par 3 S.I. 3

The fourth tee is to the right of the third Green, and there’s that ditch again! A nice tee shot will easily clear it though and a slight uphill walk to the Green. No danger here, unless you go through the back where a hedgerow awaits the errant approach shot or drive.

HOLE 5 – ‘Ffridd’ 150 yards Par 3 S.I. 4

Up, up and away on this, the fifth hole! All uphill, but after launching your drive, it’s a wide fairway if you don’t make the Green. See that bunker on the right? It’s deep, so make sure you miss it!

HOLE 6 – ‘Y Gegin’ 99 yards Par 3 S.I. 9

A short Par 3 this one, but all uphill again. Take plenty of club, because if the wind is against you, it’s deceptive all right! A narrow gap for the tee shot and a cheeky bunker to the front left. Short but devious at the same time!

HOLE 7 – ‘Saith Aelwyd’ 132 yards Par 3 S.I.8

The seventh and we’re on the level again. A flat fairway leads you to the target, which is protected by bunkers either side. Hit it straight and you’re perfectly safe.

HOLE 8 – ‘Y Felin’ 138 yards Par 3 S.I. 7

A spectacular downhill Par 3, with views that will take your breath away on a clear day. You look downhill at the Green, which is protected by a bunker front left. Give it plenty of air and you should land safely on the patch – no trouble!

HOLE 9 – ‘Pandy’ 174 yards Par 3 S.I. 6

The fairway takes you from right to left, but as you walk along take a look to your left for more of those fabulous mountain and country views. A nice flat green awaits you, but hold on? Three bunkers protect this final Green, but one is a grass bunker, so only two really. A good way to end the game, fancy going round again?